Input file submission

Please use the form below to drag&drop all of your source files. You will be able to assign them to positive/negative group in the next step.

Attach files

Please upload 2 or more datasets in FASTA format. Each file should contain at least 10 sequences for optimal result. Read more about the input files in the tutorial.

Just browsing?

  • See our sample submission pre-calculated: Cancer VS neurodegeneration
  • Pre-load sampling of our example and run the tool yourself: click here!
    You can read more about the datasets used in the examples in the tutorial, section "Example datasets".

Why multiCM?

To enhance user experience and enable easier analysis of multiple datasets, we have added an option to execute cleverMachine on multiple combination of input datasets. The multiCM executes all of the possible combinations of positive and negative sets. Each of such combinations is an independent cleverMachine instance with all of its features. To further extend the utility of the analysis, we also provide at-a-glance view of the enrichment of each of the property groups.

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